Jimny / Katana / Sj410 – Technical Specifications


SJ410/Q/V – Technical Specifications (From Suzuki Owner’s Manual


Suzuki SJ410/Q/V (SWB)
Type F10A SOHC)
Cylinders 4
Bore 65.5mm
Stroke 72.0mm
Displacement 970cc
Compression ratio 8.8:1
Overall Length SJ410/Q 3430mm (135.0)
SJ410V 3440mm (135.4)
Overall Width 1460 (57.5)
Overall Height 1680 (66.1)
Wheelbase 2030 (79.9)
Track – Front 1210mm (47.6)
Track – Rear 1220mm (48.0)
Ground Clearance 230mm (9.1)
Kerb Mass SJ410/sj410Q
2 passenger – 850kg (1874lbs)
4 passenger 860kg (1896lbs) SJ410V
Gross Vehicle Mass 1250kg (2756lbs)
Gross Axle Mass – Front 440kg (970lbs)
Gross Axle Mass – Rear SJ410/Q
2 passenger:410kg (904lbs)
4 passenger:420kg (926lbs)
2 passenger:440kg (970lbs)
4 passenger: 450kg (992lbs)
Towing Capacity – Braked Trailer Not known
Towing Capacity – Unbraked Trailer Not known
Ignition Timing 10 degrees BTDC
85 Octane (RON)
Spark Plug NGK BPR5ES
Gap is 0.7-0.8mm (.028-0.031)
Battery 12V 40AH
Headlight 12V 45/40W
Turn Signal – Front 12V 21W
Turn Signal – Rear 12V 21W
Turn Signal – Side 12V 5W
Clearance Light 12V 5W
Tail/Brake Light 12V 5/21W
Number Plate Light 12V 5W
Reversing Light 12V 21W
Interior Light 12V 5W
Meter Pilot Light 12V 3.4W
Brake Warning Light 12V 3.4W
Parking Brake Indicator Light 12V 3.4W
Rear Fog Light 12C 21W
Hi-Level Stop Light Not fitted
Tyre size – F&R 195R15
Tyre Pressure – Font 20 psi
Tyre Pressure – rear 20/26 psi
Toe In 4 +/- 2mm (0.08-0.24in)*
Camber Angle 1 deg 0 mins
Caster Angle 2 deg 0 mins
Coolant 3.8L (6.7 Imp gal)
Fuel Tank 40L (8.8 Imp gal)
Engine Oil 3.2L (5.6 Imp pt)
10W40 above -20C
Transmission Oil (M/T) 1.0L (1.76 Imp pt)
SAE90 or 75W80
Diff Gear Oil – Front 1.3L (2.3 Imp pt)
SAE 90
Diff Gear Oil – Rear 1.3L (2.3 Imp pt) SAE 90
Transfer Case Oil 0.7L (1.2 Imp pt) SAE 90

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